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Virtual World Created & Led by Women & Minorities

Queendom™ is a metaverse platform created by women and minorities that offers a safe, equitable and thriving environment where everyone feels they belong.


What is it like to be a Queen?



Explore and shop your favorite brands in a way you never experienced before! Immersive, fun and memorable.



Attend immersive events and concerts, watch movies, play games, dance and have fun, with or without your friends!



Meet new people, make friends or even date! All in a safe and secure environment.


Much More...

Anything you do in the real world can be done in Queendom, like studying or working, but in a much more fun and efficient way!

Get access to an immersive virtual world designed and created by women and minorities.

Queen Perks

  • Be part of the decision making and direction defining moments.

  • Be one of the creators and builders of our future.

  • Earn a living by contributing to Queendom's growth.


Sneak Peek

Virtual Environments

Virtual NFT Marketplace

The Leadership Team

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Nico Fara

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Phillip Strefling

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Software and Infrastructure

Crypto "OG"


Hispanic & Ally

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Kelly Moran

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Operations and strategy

Web3 & DeFi Strategist & Educator

Investor & Entrepreneur



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Zariah Gaelyn-Levai

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Accessibility and Diversity


Web Accessibility Expert

PhD Researcher


Founder, Visionary & Hustler

Serial Retail-tech Entrepreneur


Fashion and Beauty Expert

ME Woman



What is Queendom's mission?

To onboard and empower at least 100,000 women, LGBTQIA+ and individuals with differing mental or physical abilities to NFT, web3 and metaverse in 2023.

What are Queendom™ Values?

As Engraved on our token, our values are Equality, Justice, Service, Kindness, Respect, Empathy, Diversity and Inclusion.

What is a metaverse?

Metaverse is the intersection of gaming, cryptocurrency and XR. A 3D virtual world where your imagination is the only limitation and economy, governance and tech all can be decentralized and democratized.

What is digital land?

Digital real estate is like physical real estate but even better. It can be used as an investment or to build something cool on it. It's better than the physical land because you can build and iterate on it a lot faster and with almost no limit. Your imagination is the only limitation. Also, virtual land can be exposing your project/business to many more people than a physical land that is geographically limitted.

Do I need VR headsets to visit Queendom metaverse?

No, you can access this hyper-realistic environment through your browser.

Can I enter the Queendom metaverse without crypto?

Yes, entering and enjoying Queendom is going to be free after the public launch. While inside Queendom, you can purchase NFTs using crypto or fiat.

Are men allowed to visit?

Of course! We openly welcome allies from any background as long as they follow and respect our values.

Our ultimate vision is to have a metaverse where everybody is treated equally and with respect. But we know, right now, there’s significant imbalance in the world, so we believe in empowering those who’ve long been neglected and over time move towards that vision.

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